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Thirty-Six :: 36 Explained

A photowalk based on the concept of film while still using digital.

Every Thirty-Six photowalk will have these rules listed below. Location and style will change.

– During the duration of the photowalk the photographer is allowed to take 36 shots! (if you test shot, that counts)
– Must stay within the boundaries of the location
– Each photowalk will consist of 3 sections
– Freestyle
– Assignment
– Model

– Freestyle: What you photograph is up to you. Use your “Film” wisely.
-Assignment: At the beginning of the photowalk you will be given certain shots or themes to base a small number of your photographs on. These can be taken during the Freestyle or Model sections but must fall into the assignment.
Model: A live model will be provided to be photographed but will be a dynamic model and no direction is to be given to the model by the photographer making the photographer look for their frame as it happens.

At the end of the photo walk the plan is to meet up with each other and sit down and edit at a location just to hang out and talk about the experience. Possibly share some of the photos. After that is done… at least 5 images are to be submitted.